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Ways To Save Money

Use water very sparingly. It not only will cut down your water bill, but also will help you have water in the long run.
Save water, and you are saving money.

It has become a fashion (?) nowadays in most of the shops to mention the price of the things as Rs.199, Rs.499 etc. When we pay, naturally we will not get back the one rupee as change. Just imagine how much money they will be collecting in a day, week, month and year. It becomes a big amount - the amount for which they will not pay tax!
Therefore, get the change from the shopkeepers, even if it is Re.1. When we collect from 10 shops like that, it amounts to Rs.10.

Decide to save money at least Rs.50/-, in one month....the total savings will be Rs.1500/-, and in one year..... the savings in your account will be round Rs.18,000/-......encourage children to do so.

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases – all things that cost money.

Creating a list before you go to the grocery store is especially important. Not only can it help you buy items that fit with your meal plan, but it can also help you avoid buying food you might waste. Always create a list and, more importantly, stick to it.

Write a list before you go shopping – and stick to it.

One of the easiest ways to save money is to only shop when you have a list. Because when you’re without one, you typically end up making impulse buys and unplanned purchases – all things that cost money.

Creating a list before you go to the grocery store is especially important. Not only can it help you buy items that fit with your meal plan, but it can also help you avoid buying food you might waste. Always create a list and, more importantly, stick to it.

Have a budget for monthly expense. Buy only necessary items.Avoid temptation and pile up things.

Switch off the light, fan, water heater , AC, washing machine and other electrical equipment when not in use. The AC and water heater consume a lot of electricity. We can save our resources and money by doing the same.

It is very true, Vinay. When we book the flight tickets in advance it costs less than half at times. The same tickets are unreasonable when we book them within the week of our journey.
Vinay's 17/7/9:21pm - 17/7/11:31pm

In case you are able to decide your vacation well in advance, book your flight tickets as early as possible. It will be much cheaper if you do the advance booking well in advance. You can really save a lot of money.

Replace all your bulbs with LED Fittings. It helps to save good amount each month. The number of units consumed comes down by 30 percent. Definitely, you can take back the cost of replacement of the bulbs within six months and you can save money after that.

Buying things as per the current need or requirement is always wise. If you need a car for your family that is of 2-4 members buying a small car makes more sense than going for an SUV. Even though you may have plans of traveling with more people in the future, you must look at the current need and buy your vehicle. Buying a small car is easy to maintain, it consumes less fuel, it is easy to find parking space and even while driving less hassle. So, you are most likely to enjoy your small car with your small family compared to a giant car which requires a lot of care and maintenance.

The same goes with clothes or other household items. As we need them we should buy them. There no need to hoard things at home when they are not needed. Things only become old sitting at home and eat up the space. Nothing increases it's value becoming old except precious metals, land and wine.

Cooking at home most days of the month surely saves tons of money. When we cook at home we not only save money on ordering from out, but also saves on the medical expenses that are often caused by outside food that gives us food poisoning.

While you save money, keep in different modes. Have some gold back up for emergency requirements. Rest invest in fixed deposits in banks where your capital is safe. That too, break the amounts in smaller parts and deposit in different bank accounts.

We are doing the same in the school Sheila. We do have a get together almost every month using this amount, and at the year end, the teachers go for a one-day trip too. The balance amount is spent on a small gift for all the teachers.
Sheila's 23/6/2:33pm - 23/6/2:36pm

When my mother was working, in her office they used to collect an amount as Chit money for the tour. Every month this money will be given on loan to some emergency requirements within the staff at a reasonable interest. At the end of the year, this whole amount is used to a joint staff family picnic. They organise a bus taking them around for two days outing to distant places like dams, hill stations, valleys etc. and they enjoy with staff families. The amount for the picnic is also not felt as a burden as they keep saving each month through the Tour chits.
Vinay's 23/6/2:26pm - 23/6/2:33pm

As soon as we get the salary, both my wife and I, keep aside a small amount towards the outing that we plan that year. The small amount that we keep aside accumulates and becomes a big amount, and the time we plan for a trip, this money will be very useful. Earmark that amount as 'travel bank', which should be used only for the outing/tour that we plan with family.

I joined a jewel chit through GRT a famous jewel shop. The total amount we pay each month, they will allocate the equivalent weight of Gold. Then every month, when we pay the chit amount the same worth of gold will be credited to our Account. At the end of 11 months, whatever weight of Gold has accumulated, we can buy Gold ornaments. No wastage, no making charges. So this is an ideal way to plan for buying golden ornaments, with no loss in wastage gold and no loss for paying the making charges. We will save around 17%. Because, when we buy golden ornaments they add 16.5% as wastage charges and also some amount towards making charges for the ornament.

Right Sir, meditation is a part and parcel of our life,we can do it any way. Reading on Enoma is also a part of meditation for me. It is adding up strength and confidence in me day by day.
Savio's 21/6/12:55pm - 21/6/11:39pm

Keep aside a fixed sum of money for saving ever month. Do not take it into account in your regular income. Gradually you will learn to adjust your budget within the available sum of money after setting aside the regular savings.

Not too many people know and realize that Meditation and Mindfulness come under the subject of Yoga. Millions of people in India and even more than 300 Million practitioners across the world practice Yoga daily. But there is a lot of problems in doing Yoga for obese people like me. Yoga is a very risky affair for children and older people too. The poses or exercises one must do in Yoga can easily injure you and every year Millions of people do get injured while practicing Yoga. It is much better to save a lot of money on yoga pants, yoga mats, travel costs, etc and practice Meditation at home instead. Meditation is a safe, relaxing, economical way to good mental and physical health. What's more it builds up your spiritual health too. I firmly believe that Meditation is part and parcel of our daily life. It is something we can practice while working, cooking, bathing, watching TV, listening to musing, surfing the internet, playing games, spending time with loved ones, etc.

Today I saved money on commuting. Since my husband is not here, I had to book Uber to go to church. But my neighbour gave me a lift and I saved that expense.

Avoid unnecessary shopping and save money.

My AC remote was not working. Only one button was working. That is the 1 hour button. So, past one month, I was managing with the single button. I thought of replacing it this week. New one costs Rs.2000. I sent one of my assistant and he helped me to service the same at a cost of Rs.250/- . I paid his Rs.100 for taking to shop and getting it repaired. So at a cost of Rs.350/- I got this done. Saved Rs.1650 for the day and felt very happy today.

RekhaathmtonJun092017 me and my husband become electricians and plumbers, we repaired fridge and taps of house and saved around 500 rupees. We are very happy and will think about other savings.

We have seen people do their fasting for 40 days in a year with religious belief at times. During these fasting days, they do not take non-veg. Some ladies do not put flowers on their head etc. So, there is absolutely some cut in their daily expenses. What they should do is, calculate such daily savings, and collect that money in a wallet or box. Then after the fast, should count the money and see as to how much they saved. This saving can be converted to a gold coin, or a NSC bond or a Savings bond or for any particular purpose, where they cannot afford to reserve such amount. This is purely considered as our savings. We should physically see the savings when we have sacrificed something for certain period. When I cut out a coffee each morning, I used to put a five rupee coin inside a box and at a quarter end, send this coffee money to an orphanage or a deserving family who can use this money to buy a bag of rice or something like that. This is really savings.

Very good idea Sir to make Chocolate ice creams.
Savio's 5/6/11:24pm - 5/6/11:28pm

I love food. I mean most people do as well. But I am a foodie by birth thanks to my mom always giving me the best food that we could afford during the 80s and 90s. One of my favorite foods is icecream especially in the hot summer and Monsoon months. We all love chocolate icecream but the high cost of it stops us from buying it often. In our home, we never buy chocolate icecream, we just buy vanilla icecream for 120rs from DMart or the local grocer. Then we serve it in a large bowl and sprinkle a spoonful of sweetened cocoa powder on top. Voilà, we just made ourselves some delicious homemade chocolate icecream. If we have any chocolate cookies, we take a couple of them, break them into tiny pieces and sprinkle them on top of our icecream. We save at least 500rs a month during the summer and monsoon thanks to this simple hack.

I always keep aside Rs. 10/- at the end of the day. Not much is saved, but at least a nominal amount is kept aside everyday. Planning to keep at least Rs. 50/- from the month of July.

One way of saving money is to get rid of all the old things in the house. The electric and electronic things, when they become old, consumes more electricity. If we get rid of those things by giving it to the needy as second-hand goods, we can go for the new ones.
Today I sold my fridge that is about three year old, and I am going to buy a better bigger fridge.

Make a pigue bank at home with any old shoe box and add one tenth of your daily income to it if possible, otherwise add ten rupees daily to it and any coin whenever you get add to it, you will save good amount of money at the end of a year.


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