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It is beautiful weather in Chennai now. Very cloudy and breezy also. Husband and I went for a short walk before breakfast after the girls left for school. It was very pleasant and green and we were both very fresh and active when we returned. It was a good idea.

Last two or three days, the day time temperature has been a bit high, and we do get rains in the evenings. Very strange weather. Today morning also the sun was shining very brightly, and look at the dark clouds that have brought the drizzle. It is raining outside.

The weather is awesome! In the outskirts of Mumbai. It's raining almost every fifteen minutes. The pleasantness in the ambiance is just superb.

Once again the unpredictable weather here is very hot. Yesterday it was not as hot as this, and some time it was cloudy too. Rains are predicted all over Tamilnadu, and I doubt whether it will affect this part!

Sure, you will get it.
Prerna's 11/8/10:35pm - 11/8/11:01pm

Rain and thunderstorm predicted for the coming weekend in Chennai. I hope we get some respite from the otherwise very humid climate.

Last night we got very good rain in these parts. May be because of that, it is very cool here today. Lovely weather. I am scared to tell that because the weather forecast here has become very difficult nowadays. Anything can happen any time - sun shine or rain!

There was a good shower from 6:50p.m........almost an hour of good rain. Thank you Mother Nature for having chilled us with your humble shower.

Just this morning I mentioned about the weather here that it was very sunny and there was no chance of any rain.
Very strange.
In the afternoon, suddenly it started raining. It rained very heavily for about an hour and suddenly it stopped too (as if mocking at me!). Then the sun started shining brightly!

Really unpredictable weather. We had very lovely weather yesterday, but today it is very hot. The sun is shining very brightly. No breeze at all. No chance of any rain, I guess.

Yes Kirti..we Chennaites definitely have been looking forward to the rains...
Kirti's 5/8/12:32pm - 5/8/12:40pm

Rains have reached Chennai, that's what the news channels were showing yesterday. Thank God! And the good news is, that it may rain for a week or so. I am sure all our Chennai mates will enjoy the weather and their hot stuffy days are going to say good bye...
Vinay's 5/8/12:16pm - 5/8/12:32pm

We are experiencing very beautiful weather here today. It is a bit cool with the sun totally hiding behind the dark clouds.
Very strange that each day we have different type of weather.

Today weather is so beautiful. It is cloudy with lots of breeze. Does not feel like Chennai at though am in some hill station. Hope it stays like this through the day.

Right from the morning it has been nice weather here. It is not very sunny because of the clouds. The breeze is not very strong either.

Absence of rain is very much upsetting. Wondering one corner of the country is so blessed with monsoon rains and other part of the country is cursed with nö rainfall. My mind is now thinking, "are people here so cruel that Mother Nature dislikes to give her blessings here".......From today morning, I have included in my prayers an humble request for reasonable shower. Mother Nature, please do bless us with a good rainfall.

The weather here at Coimbatore is so so hot. The humidity is high, it seems to be another Summer for the year. Little worried that daughter has her throwball practice for the afternoon session......however instructed to take enough water.

I wonder if this is the same place where we received that heavy rain last evening! How nice it was yesterday evening!
It is just the opposite today. The sun is shining very brightly, and it is very hot. What a funny weather!

Suddenly it started raining very heavily in these parts. It started at about half past four, and lasted for about one and half hours. Very good rain. We got the rain after many days of waiting. The temperature has come down slightly.

Weather is pleasant in Mumbai. Heavy showers once in a while. Very cool and nice outside and inside. Sun is playing hide and seek among the clouds.

But, it is sad that our neighboring state Gujarat is facing floods for the last one week. Too many people are affected and many have lost their lives due to the nature's whip.

Today also is a very hot day here. It is slightly better than yesterday, but the days are just like the hot summer days.

The weather has been very hot throughout today. It is almost like a summer day. No hint of any rain at all.

Yesterday it was very cloudy here, and today the sun is shining very brightly. Each day the weather changes and can't predict about it nowadays.

It started raining here, the climate is cool. Many must be thinking of taking a nap with blanket on.

It is a cloudy day here today. Lovely weather, no sun, no heat. The wind is blowing a bit heavily, as is expected during this month of the year.

Non stop rains have drenched the city thoroughly. It is great weather to enjoy tasty food. Sit in the couch and enjoy hot tea and work online.

The weather is great again with heavy showers and blowing breeze all day long. Hope it remains the same till the weekend.

It starts raining cats and dogs.Time to go for offices and different works, hope it will slow down soon.

Today it is a very hot day in Tirupur. The sun is shining brightly, and there are no clouds at all in the sky. There is no chance of any rain, I guess.

The weather is pretty unpredictable is Mumbai these days. Last night it was pouring cats and dogs. Now it is still and no sign of rains since morning but not be fooled by this stillness of Mumbai monsoon any second a huge spell of pouring down can occur. As a child I used to hate the rains on the weekends. As we could not play outside and enjoy with our friends on holidays. But, these days I don't see any child being upset by the weather, because they are busy playing PC games and watching television. Do not know whether this is more fun or the days I enjoyed. It is difficult to compare because the times are different so are the scenarios but right now why should I bother myself with all those things. Let me grab a cup of hot chocolate milk and enjoy the weather as it is.

Another lovely day with awesome weather, enjoying the cold winds blowing. Sky is covered with dark clouds, it may rain within next ten minutes.

The Sun is shining bright. The wind at it's full force with huge noise. The trees are dancing, however not falling because of their strong roots. Yesterday's chillness has gone today. Now the human heart longs for the missed chillness. Of course it is the same human heart that longs for Sun's attendance when it was chill and cloudy. Stop all those cravings. Be at now. Enjoy the moment that is present before you, no matter it is cloudy or sunny. Ha ha ha.......I am in now, please do not disturb me.

It is drizzling every now and then. The cool breeze is very refreshing, sometimes it brings sleep in me. It is always pleasant to be with this weather condition. However, missing Sun.

The rain is generously pouring down today. I hope all those who have to fulfill their duties outside the house today are managing well without much trouble. Though one should weigh the jobs that are to be done going outside. If it isn't that urgent do it at a later hour or the next day as the rains are looking bad to get caught into.

I hope the weather at Mangalore is nice now. I don't mind having light drizzle, but not raining cats and dogs. As I am planning to reach there by early morning tomorrow, I don't want the weather to spoil our travel plan.

It is a cloudy day today. There has been slight and intermittant drizzle since morning. But it is still humid and a little bit humid. Maybe, a heavy downpour is required for the earth to cool down.

The weather has been amazing on some days and not so amazing on other days. Off late, we are facing a dry spell in our city which means that there are going to be very heavy rains during July. Floods are expected and many unofficial holidays from school and work. The internet is usually busy in July and I expect the heavy rains to make it even more busy this year. Khandala, here we come....

After a few days of scanty rains, it is dry weather now. However, the nights have become a little cooler; so less need to depend on the continuous running of air-conditioning.

Again heavy rain has started in our place. After a very long time, we are hearing this sound of the rains. Hope this rains will help us to come out of the water problems.

Thanks for all your prayers, today South Chennai got good rains in the evening for nearly one hour. Hope to get like this for the next few days, so that the heat subsides.

Today's weather was too pleasant with rains and cool breeze.

Monsoon arrived two days late in Mumbai, but it arrived in full blast. Yesterday night we noticed incessant thunders and bolts of lightning. Finally, it poured down heavily giving no time to remove the clothes hung for drying in the balcony.

Its raining here and also wind is flowing. The climate here is getting cool. Fan will take rest tonight.

We enjoyed a very heavy rain this evening. It was very nice. I noticed many people going out in the rain and dancing and merry-making.

Glory and thanks to God. Today, good rains have started for Chennai. Now also it is raining here. Thanks to Savio Sir, Kirti and all friends who have prayed for the rains to Chennai. God has answered our prayers. Now, even they have cut the electricity.

It's a cool night tonight. Which means there are likely to be heavy rains in a day or two. The rains have been rather unpredictable to decipher even for a seasoned veteran like me. Looking forward to going to Rock Beach to get wet in the rains and click some photos of Beautiful Mumbai.

Everyone says that the monsoon has started, but still we are expecting the rain in these parts. Today it is a bit cloudy, and we can see the dark clouds in the sky. Hope the clouds bring rain at least today.

Now evening is very pleasant with cool breeze all around. The best weather of this season.

Coimbatore is a nice place. Usually it chills out in the evenings. The Ooty chillness will come to Coimbatore as well and you will get the monsoon rains from Kerala coasts.
Vinay's 2/6/2:40pm - 2/6/6:02pm


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