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Weekend Break

This weekend break is special as my younger brother is coming to me for celebrating rakshabandhan. We are meeting after eight months, excited a lot and waiting for him eagerly.

How fast the days are passing! It is one more weekend. Tomorrow is Sunday, a holiday. We are not planning to go anywhere except the near-by temple in the morning. Tomorrow is family time for me. (And not forgetting the counselling session that I have to attend at 8 at night.)

It was a wonderful weekend. Another new week with pleasant surprises and new challenges waiting to invite us.

One more weekend in my life. Tomorrow I have to conduct a session for the teachers on Multiple Intelligence in the morning. Afternoon I am free. I am sad that my wife has to go to Coimbatore on Sunday morning on official work and will be back only in the evening. I am going to be alone at home. Cafe Enoma is going to give me company.

My weekend is just one Sunday. I am planning to go to Coimbatore with my family in my new car. We plan to visit my brothers-in-law and also to visit a famous temple there. My only concern is that I will not be able to work on my lap top! I will miss Enoma.

2nd day of my weekend break started by 8. 30 a.m,travelling around Delhi in metro, had checkup, Spent some time on Enoma, again gone for shopping, news of topper student of June and gupshups with sister in law and her family, gone for sleep by 10 p.m.

My weekend break is exciting and relaxing. Coming to Delhi in my weekend is full of fun and masti. First day of this break was celebrated with my younger sister and my old classmates. On the same day, i went for swimming in evening and then dinner with four couples, my sister's friends. We danced around 2hrs with snacks and beer in between. I love dance and when i get the chance, i use that chance fully and enjoy my dance. After having dinner we came back home by 1at night.

Tomorrow, Saturday, is a half working day for my school. That means I am going to get only just one and half days as my week end. Even though we planned to go to Coimbatore, today we decided to cancel that programme to spend this week end totally at home here itself. I am going to be totally relaxed.

I am planning to have a break from work for this long weekend. I am planning to visit Mangalore, Udupi and Kollur. I am starting tonight and will be back home by Monday night. Going to enjoy this train trip.

This weekend planning to go for a movie.

Make a good plan for your weekend, one week ahead. Especially when you wanted to visit relatives, friends, fix timing with them and plan your useful spending hours with them, either indoors or outdoors. Nowadays, we seldom meet friends & relatives. So, when we have to meet them, try to make a list of things which they like and take it for them. Try to take few selfies with them from your mobile or camera. This will bring sweet memories after some time.

We are planning to visit Shimla in our weekend break, excited for it. After long, we husband wife will have quality time to share .


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