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Weight Loss Tips

Simply do yoga for 30 minutes, be aware to eat healthy food at every meal, walk for another 20 days you will feel your body at ease.....the flexibility of your body will be enhanced and this encourages you to follow the same. And persistent practice of any fitness work out yields good results in the way of loosing few kgs in you.

Drink Water, Especially Before Meals

Eat Eggs For Breakfast
Eating whole eggs can have all sorts of benefits, including helping you lose weight.If you can't eat eggs for some reason, then that's fine. Any source of quality protein for breakfast should do the work

Drink 4 glasses of water with leme and honey in empty stomach .It helps to remove all toxins and have 1000-1200 calorie diet with exercise. It will help to reduce weight.

Yes, Sheila it is very useful, add one spoon of honey with jeera water and lime. I took it and it showed me wonderful results.
Sheila's 25/7/10:28pm - 26/7/7:06pm

I agree Sheila. I need to keep continuing and results will eventually follow.
Sheila's 26/7/12:50pm - 26/7/4:10pm

Any physical exercise has to be done cautiously. Sometimes people get carried away when they are warmed up and ignore what their body and heart is signaling. Heart rate goes up whenever we perform physical activities and we have to be aware how much it can bear. Pain is gain, is one of the oldest phrases to bear physical pains in order to be fit but doing it right is the key to it. One must know when to stop. Too much of anything is not good, same with physical training. Being active all day is more important than doing excess physical training for two hours at a stretch. Those who are on a training program they do it under professional supervision, monitoring their pulse rate and the heart rate. They take breaks to moderate everything in the body.
Sheila's 25/7/10:51pm - 26/7/12:56pm

The more we sweat it is good for our health and it also helps in weight loss. For me, I never sweat. Most of the time I am in air-conditioned environment and now my body got used to this. If there is no electricity then too I do not sweat but will feel dizzy and uncomfortable. Whoever sweats a lot, has to be thankful and it helps them maintain their desired weight.

Prerna, some may get weight loss, some may get inch loss. But we have to feel happy, that there is some change coming within us. After continuing the inch loss and the practice we can get weight loss effect too. Some people will have the bone weight, so immediate change will not be noticed.
Prerna's 26/7/12:46pm - 26/7/12:50pm

I don't know, but loosing weight after 40 is slightly more difficult than when one is young. I am religiously going for aqua-aerobics for the last couple of days every afternoon but have not lost any weight. But i have had inch the sense i see my clothes are fitting better. I am also feeling more brisque and active. I think it is a good sign.

Vinay one of my boss wife, was advised skipping to reduce weight. Then she started skipping in her flat for nearly more than 200 times the same day. She got a massive heart attack and passed away. 45 years old lady. This happened long years back. Maybe it may work out for young girls within 20 years of age. But we have to see the other conditions of fitness before we start the program. Anything too much, will also ruin the situation. So, ample care must be taken in starting exercises.
Vinay's 25/7/10:45pm - 25/7/10:51pm

Skipping in the morning and in the evening will make you feel light. In the long run it will reduce weight too. Can't expect instant result, though.

Today I read an article about taking Jeera daily which will help reduce fat. They have suggested different methods, which we can follow as per our desire.
1. Soak 2 tablespoon of Jeera in water over night with two tall glasses of water. Next day, morning boil them with the same water. Filter the Jeera water and add little lime to it and drink in the morning warm. Do, this regularly for atleast 20 days, your metabolism improves and you become active and you can see your weight reducing. Continue to do this for atleast few months and be happy about the change it brings.

The best way to loose weight is eating right along with increased physical activity. Do not diet. Drink lots of fluids and eat small portions 6-8 times a day at regular intervals. Avoid processed sugar and fats. Increase intake of vegetables and fruits. Roasted nuts are good for munching instead of chips. Eat all what our grandparents ate. The were healthy. Genetically eating the same will do us good.

During the rains when it is difficult to keep up with the outdoor walks and other exercise regimens, the best way to workout is to 'spot walk' in one corner of the house. Spot walk is more popular in our house because of Savio endorsing it at anytime, but it is very sensible and effective too. Without bothering anyone at home or around us we can easily spot walk, that is, jog in the same place for 20-30 minutes daily.

Just being aware of what we eat helps us to loose weight. Develop your awareness while eating. Sure, too much stuffing will be subconsciously stopped.

Wow! That is great Soosamma. Keep it up!
Soosamma's 24/6/12:49pm - 28/6/11:43pm

Bottle gourd is a vegetable high on water and is a rich source of vitamin C, K and calcium. It helps in maintaining a healthy heart and brings down bad cholesterol levels. It also helps for weight loss, when we take this regularly at least twice in a week. Shall post a small cooking menu in our other page to make a dish out of bottle gourd.

I list 2 kg weight by cycling for 30 minutes daily for the last one month.

Drink warm water with gooseberry pieces boiled in it. It trims down and keeps us fit and energetic.

Exercise and diet control helps to reduce weight.

Daily exercise helps us to stay fit .

Don't do fasting, it reduces metabolism. To improve metabolism,eat frequeht small light meals. It helps to reduce weight.

If you don't like putting on extra weight then must avoid sitting for long in a stretch. When we keep taking small break in between our work and move about a little bit, we feel fresh as well as we don't get into the habit of sitting in one place all the time like couch potatoes. This way we keep the extra pounds at bay.

Simple and indoor exercise is cycling to lose weight.

Drink amla and aleovera juice twice a day, and you will change in your weight in decreasing number.

Take a jar of fresh water add mint leaf in the quantity of 15, add 1 single piece of cucumber and a single cut of any fruit like apple, orange, mosamba to it. Drink the water, from morning till the sun set. Positively, finish the water in this time limit, do not continue that water for the next day. It will help your body to detox.

Add lemon juice and honey in lukewarm water, and drink it every morning, before brushing your teeth and having tea or coffee.

Drink more water, eat half stomach and exercise double. One will defenitely reduce weight.

Take every morning in empty stomach, one glass of warm water with a spoon of honey and lemon and mint leaves in it, regularly.

Drink detoxifying water made up of cucumber, ginger, mint leaves and lemon daily will help to reduce weight.


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